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Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2018
One of the best, if not THEE best purchase I ever made on Amazon!! I purchased this item together with the UNISAN UNS 603 mop handle and the Rubbermaid mop head (FG23800BL00). I was a janitor for four years so using those cheap, lightweight mops just wasnt getting things done. I used to use metal buckets and press-down equipment so I was hesitant to purchase a 'plastic mop bucket'. Boy was I wrong. This bucket is made of 1/2 thick harden plastic. As you get closer to the mop press it thickens even more to allow for the extra weight and pressing function,.so its extremely well made. As to the wheels, these are not hard wheels. They are soft 'plastic' absorbing wheels. So when you roll the bucket from one surface to another it can clear and overcome a 1/4" to 1/2" lip without a problem. It wont get stuck or crack the edge during floor transition surfaces. The mop press is sturdy. That is where I am still hesitant to put in my full body weight on it. Once this plastic cracks on these type of items its over. So when I use the mop pressed I do not place allot pressure, but enough to do the job. I just take the mop, re-position it and press again so its not such a big deal. This way I was careful and not reckless. Finally the ease of use. When I roll this puppy down my harden floors, if I stop or should for some reason hit something, the water does not splash. That wave function does its job as advertised!. It can hold easily about 4-6+ gallons of water. When you empty the buck, the residual dirt and 'trash' rolls right out (none stick or slick surface allows for this). Also you can't see it on the pictures, but where the back of the bucket is you can tilt it to throw the dirty water out. Their is a lip where you can cup your hand under so you can tilt it right into the sink or disposal area. Look, you can mess around with these cheap squeeze light mops and end up paying more than purchasing this one time item. With that press you never have to touch dirty water again. Oh did I mention the mop head is washable? I store the unit in the garage and bring it inside for big jobs. Those quick spills or small leaks is when I use the grocery type mop. So if your house is solid flooring like mine, this is a time saver, back saver, and overall EXCELLENT item. And NO I don't work for Rubbermaid, I just know a good item when I see and use it. You wont regret purchasing this item!! - Joseph
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