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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2016
I've tried a ton of headphones lately and these sound by far the best to me. I like generally flat sound. I'm more concerned with clear mids and highs and want present but not overpowering bass and low bass.
Headphones I've tried include the following with my totally subjective sound rating on 10 point scale. YMMV.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X - highs a little subdued for my liking - 7
Beats Studio 2 Wireless - Subdued highs, some mid bass emphasis but not overpowering. 6
Bose QC25 - A little weak on bass and weak on highs, best ANC. 7
Bose QC35 - Can be a little bassy, especially at low volume. Bright highs. Best ANC. 9
JBL - EVEREST 700 - Way too bassy. 5.
JBL - Everest Elite 700 - Much better than non-Elite, 7
OPPO PM-3 - Excellent, expensive. 10
Sennheiser 202 - yuck. Too bassy, no highs, but cheap. 4
Sennheiser 280 - well balanced. 8
Sennheiser Momentum M2 - Close to perfection. 9.5
Sennheiser PXC-550 - wireless noise cancelling. These are excellent. 9
Sony - MDRXB950BT/B - Extra bass says it all. 4
Sony 7506 - Perfection 10

Out of all that I've tried the Sony 7506 are closest to perfection, to live performance. They are not bass heavy at all but can produce comfortable solid bass down to quite low frequencies. Tonal balance leans towards the upper mids and highs. Bright but not harsh. You end up hearing subtle sounds in the music that is missing with other headphones. Those who want more bass or don't want bright highs won't like these. But for my listening taste this matches perfectly.

They are also very comfortable. Many of the headphones listed above are not as comfortable. Either tight band or thin band or ear cups that aren't big or deep enough. These headphones are great. Biggest disadvantage vs. many that I've tried recently is that these are wired... with a long heavy cord easy to get caught on things. I was looking for a wireless headphone. But ultimately I couldn't find one at a reasonable price that sounded anywhere near as good as these. Next closest was the Sennheiser PXC-550, but at $400, wireless wasn't worth an extra $320. I also found that there were times I didn't want noise cancellation. Too bad Sony doesn't make a wireless headphone with anywhere near this sound.
Best of all, these are by far the cheapest of the decent sounding headphones I've listened to. The headphones in this list range in prices from $20 to $450.
Highly recommend the Sony 7506... if you like this sort of sound signature.
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