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Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
 I have been debating how to score this helmet since I first started using it, I’ve been clearing brush and using this with my chainsaw, wood chipper, and log splitter. I’ve had no issues with something piercing the helmet or visor but to my knowledge I haven’t had anything hit either of them either. The helmet is tough but deff not as tough feeling as some other helmets and hard hats I’ve seen. I’m sure commercial loggers wear something much more durable but for the average guy at home this is probably sufficient. Where it loses points from me, is it’s nearly impossible to stand wearing it mid day. The plastic heats up so fast and you feel like you have an oven on your head. Combine that with the ear muffs and the hard plastic visor, and it’s pretty unbearable. The mesh visor helps a lot but I also know it probably isn’t as likely to protect you well. Since it makes me not want to wear it, I ultimately decided on three stars. I should also state, that I live in south Texas so if you weren’t in an extremely hot environment it might be okay.

1. It’s cheap and I’m pretty sure durable enough for the average backyard task.
2. Mesh or hard visor lets you choose breathability vs protection
3. The ear muffs do in fact mute sound quite a bit which is nice on wood chippers or chainsaws either one.

1. It gets unbearably hot in the Texas sun.
2. I am positive this is not the toughest grade helmet you can buy, so depending on what you are doing it may not be the best.
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