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Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2017
 1 Week Update: - Out of the box I loved the image, then within a few hours it all changed.
I started noticing frequent strong rainbow artifacts in video clips/movies that were so annoying and distracting I unfortunately had to return it and bought an Epson 1040 instead (it's a 3LCD system which inherently does not have rainbow effects).
2 other minor issues for me were: - No Component input, and jittery video when using Miracast mirroring via a WiFi stick (that same ScreenBeam Mini 2 stick works flawlessly when connected to my HDTV)

If you are not sensitive to the DLP's rainbow effect, this is one fantastic projector and my review below stands.
- - - - - - - - I hope you find this review helpful.
I posted this video at much better quality on YouTube under "Optoma HD142X 1080p - 100" of Pure Pleasure"
This is one amazing 1080p projector. All of a sudden our 50" HDTV is so uninteresting.
We use it on an excellent 100" motorized screen that I reviewed with a video as well (link at end of this review)

The HD142X fit my budget and is ---
- The 1st choice in Projectors for 2017, - 1st on the excellent site for PJs under $750, and 1st on Amazon's quality PJs for Home entertainment (as well as the many favorable reviews here)

My research on Projectors brought me back time and again to the HD142X and it really is a gem.
Yes, 10% of the reviews are not-favorable, but that's the case for all Projectors of $500 to 700+

Other Projectors people loved which I considered at the $500 - $700 price range:
1 - Epson HC 1040 - a 3LCD technology, but pricing and deciding to get a DLP had me skip it
2 - Optoma HD27 - 3200 vs 3000 lumens of the HD142X and contrast of 25,000:1 vs 23,000:1 did not seem worth the extra $80
3 - BenQ W1070 - a popular DLP projector, but pricier, only 2000 Lumens, 2 HDMI but neither w/MHL
4 - BenQ MH530 - a very good 3200/1080p projector, 2 HDMI but no MHL, no USB A port
5 - Short throw projectors could not work for my setup and are also usually more expensive

I learned the following the hard way after buying/returning 2 projectors:
- Quality 3000/1080p projectors cost over $400. Verify that 1080p is 'NATIVE' resolution and the stated 3000 Lumens is ANSI. Low cost projectors say 1080p 'compatible' but are only 480 or 720p at most. They also claim 3000 lumens but you only get measly 200 ANSI at best. The 2 I tried with Android 4.4 OS were buggy, slow and useless.

General tips on getting a best price on a Projector, if not in a hurry:
1 - Sign up for free at sites like and set an alert to get emails on 'Projector'
... Many deals are for brand new projectors from reputable sellers
... e.g. BenQ MH530 sold for $380 on eBay by NewEgg (Regular price $550)
2 - Sign up for Daily Deals alerts on Amazon + check upcoming Lightning Deals for projectors
3 - If refurbished is your thing, look under 'Other Sellers' (where you can also get new/no-tax)
... e.g. a refurbished/open-box HD142X was available via Amazon's warehouse deals for $385

Other notes:
1. This newly selling motorized 100" screen at $64 turned out to be excellent and a I posted a review with a video too:
ShowMaven 100-inch 16:9, Matte White Home Theater Electric Motorized Drop Down Projection Projector Screen w/ Remote Control
2. (Update) After a few hours of watching various content I started noticing the rainbow effect, which became a deal breaker for me.
3. The on-board speaker is nothing to write home about. Optoma's Audio team really dropped the ball on that one. There is also no Menu Audio settings of any kind except for Mute/Volume. I use my own Speakers instead anyway.
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