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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019

1) The package was kind of heavy. I had to grunt a bit when picking it up. (Hey, I had to find SOMETHING!)

But I'm pretty critical, so I'll update this review if I find any more gripes. I guess I should include I almost wet my pants when I heard a loud snap when installing the RO membrane cartridge in its housing while their customer service guy was on the line (see below). But everything worked out just fine after I checked to see if the cartridge survived and if I needed to change my underwear.


1) I won't say it was a breeze because it does take a few hours. However, there are YouTube videos by the company and some by individuals installing this product and systems by other companies. The extensive directions with the system say in bold print to watch the video first. I say watch as many different videos as you can. I discovered many tips that iSpring didn't mention including using the drill bit you just drilled to keep the hole aligned why installing the "drain saddle".

I did a "leisure time" installation. That is, I unwrapped the filters and put them in their housing while sitting in my easy chair. Before I knew it, I was 75% done! All I had to do then was empty out the area under the sink, grab my tools and work light, and start installing the feed water adapter. (I decided not to call it a "thingy", so I had to go the trouble just now of looking up the name of the part in their glossary.)

2) Their customer support was great! They did some very patient hand-holding over the phone. For example, the instruction manual shows an old style threaded compression fitting for the faucet they provide. Well, I missed seeing that they included a flyer with update instructions mentioning that a new part provided was easier to install, and no you don't have to use the blue clips on the faucet side. That really made it easy!

I was also concerned that the RO membrane cartridge was resisting my efforts. I was afraid of breaking it, but some threads were still showing on the housing. So while talking to one of the guys, I became a bit more aggressive in tightening it and heard a way too loud "snap"! I guess mine fit a bit tighter than most as it works perfectly. Whew!

3) Their documentation is excellent! Not only are the illustrations very clear with appropriate use of color in routing the lines they provided a parts list, additional products (of course!), and extensive theory on how RO works, dissolved solids, even minerals and life forms that can and cannot be removed by RO. This was almost "Reverse Osmosis 101"!

4) The parts are high quality! Some bozo here gave them a rating of "1" because the items are made from polymers! Was he expecting for everything to be made of surgical stainless? My god, even plumbers in their own homes use "plastic", and have for the last 40 years! This guy was either an idiot or a dishonest competitor. You can't even BUY a system made of metal!
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