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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2019
I ordered this headset a few weeks ago to use with my PS4 and wanted to use it for a while before submitting feedback or writing a review. I attached a couple of pictures for those who like to see a real user photo instead of just the manufacturer's marketing shot.

Over all, this is a great headset for the price. It has some decent weight to it which definitely gives the impression of it being a quality item. It doesn't feel like it's made entirely of plastic and will shatter if dropped. In fact, I have dropped it more than once over the past couple of weeks and I can confirm that no shattering occurred!

The microphone is sensitive enough that I needed to adjust the PS4 input settings to accommodate how much the mic picks up. Once I did, my gaming buddies were able to hear me without any issues at all (I was initially VERY loud they said). The mic itself has a flexible arm, so it's a matter of personal preference as to whether or not that's better or worse than the inflexible variety. I like it, but I also am a fan of the "fold away" style - though that type is prone to breaking if the headset is dropped. With the flexible mic, you can position it as needed, so it's pretty nice. The headset has a mute button and volume control as well (see pic).

The sound quality is definitely superior. Really nice highs and lows, so a full range of sound is there, and I was really impressed by the "stereo" of it. I know that probably sounds dumb, but with some headsets I've used while gaming, sound moving from left to right (or vice versa) is often very abrupt and can leave you not really being able to clearly pinpoint the source of the sound in the game. This headset doesn't have that issue at all. Transition is extremely smooth and the ability to locate a sound is very easy.

As for noise cancellation, I don't have a ton of feedback to share other than to say that I was barely even heard my dog barking at one point - until I physically saw her and removed the headset. But yeah, the noise cancelling works pretty well.

One of the big things for me with a headset is how comfortable it feels when worn for extended periods of time. This one is pretty good. While not the MOST comfortable headset I've worn, it's definitely not uncomfortable, so I give it 5 stars in that area. After an hour or two I am ready to remove it though, but that's pretty typical for me.

Another feature I really liked is that the cable itself feels really durable. It's not fabric-coated, which I generally prefer, and it may not survive a pet using it as a chew toy, but it should hold up nicely for normal use. Plus, the cable is really long. I actually used the Velcro strap (which is included and attached to the cable) to bind mine so that it didn't have as much excess, but I really like knowing the more length is available if I need it later.

In all, I highly recommend this headset if you're looking for an affordable option for a gaming headset. It would be a great gift for the gamer on your shopping list, or for someone looking to pick one up for him/herself.
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