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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019
I'm a 23 year Engineering Team Leader and side hustling Maker. You can find us on and Raising Awesome on YouTube. I was not paid or provided freebies for this review.

The PLA filament worked just as any I have used before. The specs were a little wider on the diameter, but I chalk this up to them actually being honest on the true variation at their manufacturing facility. However, I mic'd the first foot and it was within +/-.02 versus the advertised +/-.05 mm.

The price was $1 cheaper than the normal brand I purchase, but it gave much more value. The first cool thing is that they label their spool with the needed parameters to apply to your software for a successful build such as extruder temp and bed temp. It also shows remaining length and weight of filament on the sides with peek holes to gage it by.

The big thing is the free build surface they provide. I've used glass with a gluestick, aluminum with painters tape, and aluminum with Kapton® tape with hairspray. Aluminum with painters tape works very well. However, the build surface they provide blows the others away. It provided plenty of grab and I don't have to destroy the surface or the part to remove it.

Kapton® tape is messy to install (you do it like automotive window tint with soapy water) and you waste a lot of time to do it bubble free. Also, Kapton® sticks so hard, you can easily tear it when prying the part off.

The build surface that came with this filament doesn't tear and holds stronger than painters tape. But, you can get it off the surface quickly without damaging your part like you risk with Kapton.

To apply the build surface to one's print bed, it takes seconds. You don't have to worry about pushing out bubbles under it like Kapton® either. You need to just take care to keep it straight - not that it will affect your build - it will just bug you if you land it crooked.

In sum, the filament is on the money with other brands. As long as they are giving the free build surface with it - even for an extra $1, I'd go with them.

-Walnut from Raising Awesome on
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