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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2019
First and foremost I LOOOOOOOVE the Canary Yellow color, it's so unique and awesome! Probably one of my favorite features about it. I hope to see this color option on some of their other devices. Let me just say mine is mostly used for reading. Now, I have a few gripes that I hope amazon addresses in future models. The picture quality for such a modern model tablet is ridiculously poor. The old HDX kindle absolutely blows the picture quality of this one out of the water, yes, I did say older. You would think they would only improve on that. The other things that I dislike I'll just briefly name: lack of charging indicator light (probably doesnt matter to most people). Battery life SUCKS. Have to keep wifi off all the time and even when its asleep it drains quicker than expected. It definitely likes to operate and respond to commands a lot slower than other devices I use but it hasnt been too crazy for me. This next one really bothers me, ALL apps MUST be displayed on the only home screen you are given. What the heck?! Im one of those people that like a fairly clean & empty home screen. I want to find my apps in a different menu or maybe a secondary home screen. The lack of customization in general isnt very appealing. I could probably include a few other things but those are my major ones.
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