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Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2018
First supplier was great and shipped right on time. The Water Pik itself functioned satisfactory, thus the 3 stars, not because I disliked it, but because it was satisfactory not the level of excellence. I do not feel this product replaces flossing for people with tight teeth, maybe better for those with more space between teeth. I still find debris on floss string, AFTER using the Water Pik. I use the Water Pik by slowly and steadily moving from tooth to tooth along gum-line inside and out. I do feel it definitely does clean my teeth significantly better than flossing alone. For that I should at least give 4 stars as it does do better, but can't give 5 stars since it cannot replace flossing and it is still a large space occupier and noisy, things 5 stars should overcome. So why did I not at least give 4 stars, because you are paying for an added feature, gum massage with this model which is not just a five dollar add on, but a significant jump in price from a base model, just to get the gum massage. The gum massage did not add any value that I didn't already feel in my gums during the teeth cleaning. I think the base model is sufficient and this add-on is a money waster, thus knocking the score from 4 to a final 3 star rating.
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