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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2020
Tom Cruise runs into Cameron Diaz at an airport. They both end up on an airplane together with hardly anyone on it. It turns out all the other passengers are killers out to get Cruise. Thus starts Knight and Day meaning that the movie is about the characters being complete opposites joining together in this action-comedy.

The style of the movie is to put the two characters in a bunch of dangerous and ridiculous situations and have some fun with it. For instance, Diaz is with federal agents in a car who all get shot by Cruise. He jumps on the hood and keeps asking Diaz to unlock the door so he can get in and rescue her as they are barreling down a freeway with gunmen behind them and Diaz driving from the backseat with a deadman pushing the gas. Another thing Cruise does is constantly drug Diaz out in stressful situations when she’s not dealing with them well. Every time she wakes up she’s in another place.

The movie works well and Diaz and Cruz make a good couple.
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