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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2017
After trying several different brands and types of baby bottles, this one is the winner by a long shot. In summary, they have the magic combination of being both vented AND easy to clean. Let me explain...

Due to some challenges with nursing we have been feeding our little one exclusively from bottles (with pumped breast milk), so we have had plenty of opportunity to try different bottles! The first bottles we used were non-venting, which turned out to be a big mistake. By the time our little one was a few weeks old she had developed such a strong suck that she would create a vacuum inside inside the bottle as she drank, which would cause the nipple slowly to collapse. Several times each feeding we would have to pull the nipple gently to one side of her mouth to break the seal and allow the nipple to re-expand. Obviously these mid-feed interruptions did not make her happy!

Next we tried a well-known brand of vented bottles which vent via a thin tube that extends all the way down through the center of the bottle. Although these bottles solved the suction problem, each one had four separate pieces, two of which contained tiny internal tubes. Cleaning all these small parts was cumbersome to say the least, and the thought of doing it multiple times per day filled me with a sense of despair I just couldn’t shake. There had to be a vented bottle that wasn’t so difficult to clean!

Enter the Comotomo bottle (accompanied by rays of sunshine and a renewed sense of hope). This was the answer! What makes this bottle so great?

1. The bottle is vented very simply, via two tiny “valves” on the sides of the nipple, so the whole bottle has just THREE pieces: the bottle itself, a nipple, and a plastic ring which secures the nipple to the bottle. No small parts to get lost!

2. The wide-mouth design and lack of tiny tubes make these VERY easy to clean.

3. The lightly textured silicone body has a non-slip quality which makes the bottle easy to grip.

4. They don’t leak (at least, WE have never had a problem with them leaking)

5. They have a cool, modern design (this is subjective and a matter of opinion, but still…).

I can really only find one “negative” to these bottles, and it’s really not so much a fault but rather a characteristic due to their shape. As the bottle’s contents are being consumed, if the bottle is held at a 45-degree angle or so, the last bit of liquid will pool at the top-side of the bottle instead of flowing into the nipple (see my photo). This isn’t a big deal, as all you have to do is tilt the bottle more upright briefly and the liquid will move into the nipple, but it is something to watch as the bottle gets close to empty.

Oh, and it’s not obvious from the product photos, but these bottles DO have volume markings on them. They are inconspicuous but still easy to read.

We are VERY happy with these bottles.
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