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Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019
I ordered the Boifun DVD Player on 11/30/19 and have used it a handful of times since then. In 2015 I bought a similar product made by Sylvania. The Boifun is definitely a much better product. I ordered a new player because the previous one (the Sylvania) was already starting to break. The controls on the Sylvania machine weren’t working properly, the remote was very difficult to use, the player machinery was loud and the battery life was dismal. I was a bit hesitant to buy another player but I’m glad that I did. The Boifun works so much better. The things that I really appreciate are the remote, which works when just pointed at the unit and it doesn’t have to be pointed at just one spot (like the Sylvania), the player itself runs more smoothly and more quietly (though I did have to adjust the speaker controls to make it as quiet as I wanted), the battery life is incredible (especially compared to the Sylvania). The Boifun states that the battery life is 6 hours but the first time I used it I was able to run it from the battery for 7 hours and 35 minutes. At 6 hours and 19 minutes a low battery light does appear in the upper right of the screen to let you know but the machine actually ran a bit over an hour after that low battery warning. The volume on the Boifun is much better than the Sylvania, which was always too quiet. The Boifun has enough volume that I haven’t ever had to have it at full even when the player was across the room. The controls are easy to use and the picture is good. I’m very happy with the Boifun DVD Player and hope to have many good years of use out of it. I was offered a gift to give a review and I would have given a so so or bad review if I thought it was warranted but I can’t find any fault with the Boifun player. My good review reflects how I actually feel about this product.
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