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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020
You heard Ivan, a gorilla, tell his story in "The One and Only Ivan". Now Ivan’s best bud Bob, a dog, tells his story in this sequel to Ivan, "The One and Only Bob".

Katherine Applegate's searing writing style is back, and she is just as penetrating. It's a four-part book, with part one providing the introduction to Bob's start and the story's connection to Ivan, Stella, and Ruby. She quickly gets at human responsibility when it comes to animal treatment, which makes both of these books so ever convicting. At one point Bob says, “humans meant the possibility of living, just as much as they meant the possibility of dying.”

Part two introduces new characters named Nutwit, a squirrel near his home, and a fellow dog named Droolius. Bob describes his present life as a pet and the changes from his life as a stray. Not gonna lie, when Julia takes Bob to the zoo, my heart did a little dance with the first interactions between Bob and Ivan and then Bob and Ruby. It speaks to my love for “The One and Only Ivan”. I realized after years of teaching this book to elementary students, I longed for more interaction between Bob, Ivan (along with Kinyani), and Ruby. “The One and Only Bob” provides this satisfaction.

But things are different, as they always are with the passing of time.

And then the weather turns…

Part three sees Bob in the hound pound and at the same time taking the reader into the inner struggles of Bob, a seemingly tough guy with an ever-softening heart. It also asks of humans, how will you respond to animals, any animals? With kindness? Brutality?

Part four rounds back to 1249 Hinman Ave. and begs the question, “Is Ruby up next?”
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