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Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2017
Schwinn MY17-R270 Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike

1. Note the model “MY17-R270” – be sure to get the 2017 model.
2. Mine didn’t ship with a user manual – only assembly instructions. As of this writing, the only manual available and downloaded from the website is for the 2016 model. I got the 2017 manual by calling customer support.
3. Some things I’ve found (2017 adds):
a. There is a Custom User Program capability, but it’s NOT listed in either manual. (It wasn’t difficult to figure out)
b. The 2017 DOES have BlueTooth® capability – allowing at least automatic upload of sessions to the Schwinn Trainer app*.
c. Some kind of “VR Experience” capability – there is a page full of warnings for caution when using VR – but there’s no instruction or description of HOW to use VR with the bike.
d. I’m thinking there are other “Easter eggs”, but I haven’t found them… and I’ll bet the programming can be updated/upgraded!
4. * “Schwinn Trainer” is a smartphone app. “” is a website.
a. Both sync with MyFitnessPal.
b. Your session(s) can be downloaded to a USB thumb-stick, and then uploaded to via PC. If you choose to enable syncing to MyFitnessPal, the exercise is defined as “Stationary bike, general (bicycling, cycling, biking) “.
c. Alternately, if you open the app, “Schwinn Trainer”, your session(s) will automatically be uploaded to the app.
i. This is a great app. All aspects of the sessions are retained and displayed.
ii. If you choose to sync this app with MyFitnessPal (don’t sync both; you’ll get double entries – duh!) – it will define the exercise as, “Stair-treadmill ergometer, general “ – which is incorrect, and when synced with other apps/programs/websites is treated differently than “Stationary bike, general (bicycling, cycling, biking)”
iii. Contrary to both the user manual and the description of the app in the PLAY store, this app does NOT upload the sessions to the site.
1. Interestingly, I sent an email to Nautilus (manufacturer of the 270 and the app) questioning both the incorrect definition of the exercise AND the inability to upload the data to – their response ignored the incorrect definition and confirmed, "The Schwinn Trainer app does not currently sync directly with Schwinn Connect. You can still transfer data using a USB stick though."
5. Heart Rate Monitoring
a. The 270’s in “Contact Heart Rate (CHR) built-Sensors” pretty good – but you have to maintain contact with both hands and until I’m 5 or 10 minutes into the ride (when my hands warm up) it reads very high (180-190) – however once the contact becomes better it is very close to my FitBit Charge 2’s reading – AND it’s ”Average HR” for the ride seems correct –even though I frequently do not have both hands on the contacts.
b. The 270 does connect (wirelessly) with other HR monitors like a chest strap – but take note:
“The heart rate chest strap must be an uncoded heart rate strap from Polar Electro or an uncoded POLAR® compatible model. (Coded POLAR® heart rate straps such as POLAR® OwnCode® chest straps will not work with this equipment.)”

6. I’ve had it 10 days and have used it every day riding up to 45 minutes in a session.
a. The padded seat and perforated seatback are very comfortable, and feels very solid during the workout.
b. The 3-speed face fan works.
c. The included media cable connects an MP3 source to the built-in stereo speakers.
d. It is so quiet while pedaling that you can easily watch TV or watch whatever you play on your smartphone or tablet that you can place in the “Media Tray”.
e. The lower display (below the Media Tray) is configurable and can display the current workout values.
f. The “Water Bottle Holder” actually has 2 compartments and can hold things like a TV remote or phone in addition to a water bottle.
g. The seat adjusts quite a bit (I’m 6’1”, my wife is 5’4”)
and would accommodate a wide variety of heights.
h. The seat slide scale is pretty much useless – it’s hidden under the seat – it should be moved to behind the seat…
i. It was very easy to put together – the main components were already assembled, I had to attach only the stabilizers, handlebars/display, seat and pedals.

I’d buy it again and I’d recommend it to my friends.
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