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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2020
I was trying to print PETG on my stock CR10S and needed a better tube to handle the heat. So I upgraded to Capricorn tubing as I had done on my Ender 3 pro and it really helped me print better with both PLA & PETG, unfortunately, and as the title says, it eventually stopped working as the tube began to melt and clog. I was printing a long print time, 3 + days and eventually the heat buildup began to take it's toll on the tube, 90% into the print it clogged and the print failed, changed the tube and began again 93% into the print the tube failed, so I cut it shorter and tried again but this time I monitored the print starting at 85% and found that while the tube did everything it was supposed to do the hotend, stock, had so much heat creap that the tube over heated and began to melt about a quarter inch into the cooling head thus causing the issues. While this is not the tubes fault but rather a poor design on the printer manufacturers end, it did cost me the tubing I had bought and 2 rolls of PETG. I am now using the Capricorn tubing and an all metal hot end with absolutely no issues.
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