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Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2018
I've now tried this Sweet Berry flavor and the Original flavor and I like them both. Not gonna lie, they both have a distinct "greens" flavor which tastes grassy (after all is it does have GRASS in the name), but it is easily combined with other mild flavored healthy beverages to create a gentle greens flavor.

TASTE: If you've had Greens Plus Energy Bars, the taste of the Original Amazing Grass is very similar. The Sweet Berry flavor is more of a strong raspberry / black currant / cherry taste so mix with juices accordingly. I like either or both flavors mixed with green tea.

QUICK HEALTHY SMOOTHIE RECIPE: My general rule is that whatever you decide to mix it with, be sure to stick to a ratio of 3:1 juice to water otherwise the flavor is too concentrated. I just shake it up in a non-blender bottle and there is hardly any grit at first and then all dissolves into the drink. Here's how I formulate new smoothies daily:
1 cup fruit / vegetable juice or green tea
1/2 cup protein drink
1/2 cup water
1 scoop of Amazing Grass
^ The attached nutritional facts are for the above recipe with Diet Green Tea, Evolve Vanilla Protein Drink & Original Amazing Grass. Not bad for 28% daily fiber and 22% protein in a 105 calorie, vitamin-packed drink!

More ideas: Tastes awesome mixed with pineapple juice and a dash of coconut milk. Love it with 1 tbls POM juice, 1 tbls watermelon juice and 8oz of water. Or drop the watermelon juice and add about 1/2 tsp of almond extract and it tastes like a healthy Shirley Temple! For a lighter flavor, take a few sips of a bottle of water and replace them with coconut water, then add a scoop of Sweet Berry greens - so refreshing! Also delicious in lemon water sweetened with stevia if desired.

HOMEMADE NUTRITION BARS: For a make-in-advance dose of greens, I like to have homemade greens grain bars on hand. I make them different every time but here is the gist of how-to:

1.) Microwave 3 tbls Vitafiber Syrup for 2.5 minutes on power level 4
2.) While heating the syrup, mix dry ingredients:
~ 1 Scoop Amazing Greens (whichever flavor you like)
~ 2 tbls of UNFLAVORED whey protein powder
~ 1 tbls coconut flour
~ 4 tbls of nuts or grains or your choice*
3.) Once syrup is ready, stir in the dry ingredients and divide into 3rds.
4.) Shape into bars and place them individually on plastic wrap sprayed with cooking spray.
5.) Refrigerate for an hour or two and then enjoy! (Great for traveling)

*Get creative. I've used combinations of chia seeds, hemp hearts, flax seeds, granola, quinoa, etc.
Add Maqui or Acai powder in there too, if you want a stronger berry flavor! If the bars aren't sweet enough for your liking, add some honey into the Vitafiber syrup or a little stevia to taste.

This drink mix is perfect in morning smoothies or to get you over that afternoon slump. Tastes delicious and is a nice, healthy alternative to all the junky ingredients you could be putting into your body. I'm sold on it and I challenge you to try it and come up with new mix ideas to share with me!!
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