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Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2019
I love Egyptian mythology and I really enjoyed both the Percy Jackson and Apollo books - and I even thought Magnus was okay despite just being a rehash - so wow, let me tell you how disappointing this book was. A book I bought day one when it came out years ago.

Honestly, I would put money down on Riordan having written the outline of this book and then an inexperienced, teenager coming in and ghostwriting the rest. The book reads like the author has no idea what is going on either and a lot of the details are sloppy, inconsistent, and childish.

And even for Riordan, who has a pretty low bar in this area, the characters are paper-thin. Not even cardboard cut-outs. They are Graphene* thin.

Further, and I know this was the first instance of this for him, Riordan makes the error of switching POV when he honestly only has one voice (and that voice is perfectly fine for what he's trying to do). But it's not fine when you try to switch, but can't - like someone who insists on coloring the same picture with the same 3 pencils, in the same tones/personality, and then presenting them as distinct.

Made even worse by the fact that he insists on switching genders too. An 11-year old girl raised in London and a 14-year old boy raised between the U.S. and Egypt should not sound the same. Hell, my sister, brother, and I, raised together at 18-months apart each, with primarily the same life experiences do not sound the same.

Switching isn't a requirement so just stop doing it man! It's okay to not be good at something - it's not okay to refuse to recognize that.

While this was my 3rd attempt at trying to get through this book, first time in audio, it probably also didn't help having Kevin R. Free voicing one of the MCs. You can't be a Night Vale fan and not think that is the creepiest, most false, offputting voice in the world :/

In short: seriously disappointing, despite the low expectations. I only finally finished it because I've been stuck on "Read an Egyptian book" for a challenge for 2 months and this was part of Kindle unlimited. I will not read the rest of the series. But I will continue on with Riordan's Apollo and happily purchase the new illustrated Percy books.

*I googled this. Graphene is the thinnest material on earth at only one atom thick
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