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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2016
I have 2 daughters ages 1 and 3 that love to take bathes but the thing that always scares me that they will stand up and hit their head or something off the bath tub faucet. So I looked into finding something to cover it and found many different ones but they love aquatic stuff so when I had the chance to review this I took advantage of it and they LOVE this whale! Please note this might be a one size fits most but its not a one size fits all please see cons to get more information......

Rubber is sturdy yet gentle if a child bumps into it
Easy to hang up to store in the bathroom if you don't want it on the spigot 24/7
3 year old cannot easily take it off so no worries about it being removed by a child
Its BPA free so you can feel safe about using it plus I've put it in the dishwasher to clean (kids and soap equal messy whale sometimes) without using bathroom chemicals to clean it

Ok now for the fun part... this will not work on a spigot without a shower pull it will fall off so if you don't have one or have a separate knob then its probably not going to work
Second..... It will not fit every spigot so if it is under I would say approximately 8" then it should fit
Lastly.... the strap does hold tight but you really have to put a LOT of effort into making sure it is really tight. While it works well to prevent kids from pulling it off it can be difficult for parents to remove too.

Recommendation: Yes - I bought it for my kids for Easter

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