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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2014
I was surprised by all the negative reviews this story garnered. I thought that Reacher and Child had hit their stride again.

I had been bored by the sameness of recent era Reacher novels and had sworn off, missing the last couple of them. I've had enough of : Reacher walks into town, finds a damsel in distress, has coffee, beats up a bunch of local thugs, bangs the hot local cop, kills all the bad guys, and walks out of town.

Seriously i cant read anymore of those scenes with this character.

I was drawn in the by the evil 'Bob Lee Swagger-type*' (* Note- if you've read the Reacher stories you've probably read the Bob Lee Swagger stories by Stephen Hunter- if not go back and read the early ones- they're great) super-sniper stuff. Reacher is perfect in the role of undercover, unacknowledge asset, leading a junior CIA agent on a mission to interdict an attempt on a world leader by one of several potential assassins capable of making a shot from a mile away.

Complainers about the iconic Reacher walking everywhere, buying new clothes when he comes into town,etc,etc, should get a grip. He does all that in this story, he's just travelling by airplane and then buying clothes. He still drinks cofffee for gawd's sake.

Some people are never happy when a character grows a little in his storyline. It was time for Reacher to do this, and for me, reinvigorates the series.

Top quality reading entertainment. Child at his best, which he is here, simply is the best thriller writer today. You cant spend your thriller money better.

Highly recommended, Down load and enjoy.
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