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Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2015
There are many different views on this book. It is interesting to know how people read book from their own personal view, not from objective view point. I read this book one year ago. My impression on this book was Great!
This book shows clearly how hard original investigators tried to establish scientific study on paranormal phenomena in the world full of prejudice. This book shows well digested history of those great investigators establishing Psychical Research Society in Britain and in United States. It is very interesting and well documented, concise history, which we can read just like interesting mystery novel. But from these pages, we learn how hard they had to fight against prejudice of those famous so-called scientists such as John Tyndall and others showed. In America, William James almost single handedly fought with such scientists who lost scientific attitude and behaved just like believer of materialism, which we can say not scientific attitude. Science starts from collecting fact. If something strange things happens, we have to try to understand the facts and then try to solve why or how. William James showed how truly great he was as scientist and investigator in addition to as philosopher. At that time around 19 century, to accept Telepathy was fatal error to survive in the academic world. Now in 21 century, nobody deny existence of telepathy, clairvoyance and others. Now scientific world conveniently brings "Super ESP" to deny existence of After Life. How funny it is! To bring Super ESP to explain paranormal phenomena is just like bring Deus-ex-machina in ancient Greek Drama.
Anyway, this book shows those giants of psychic investigators at the time of creation in full blood. Very interesting and well written.
After reading this book, I truly found William James - Great as philosopher and as psychic investigator. Compared to other American intelligent of his ages, he stands on top of others distinctly.
This book also shows how those pioneer works such as "Phantasms of the Living" and "Human Personality and survival of its bodily death" were produced with hardship and brave mind.
So, it was amazing performance that author could produce in this comparatively small book, abundant information and rich field of very interesting drama played by those truly brave scientific minded people, especially by William James. I definitely recommend this book to serious researchers who like to know how investigators must be tough and brave to open new study field in academic world.
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