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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2019
These are absolutely beautiful headphones. They have excellent sound quality and make an excellent prop for photographs :)

The sound quality is very high. I feel the clarity of the sounds of the music/voice/audio is very clear. The noise-cancellation of these are very great. I can be sitting on my laptop with my kids playing on the Xbox yelling into their mics and have my music on a lower-medium and not hear much of anything going on around me. Often I have to listen without an ear on so I can be sure to hear what's going on in the world around me.

The cushion on these headphones not only allow excellent noise-cancellation but is very comfortable. I'm often partial to wear the Left side on my right side simply because where I plug in to my computer and often feel the difference when the left side is on my right ear so it's not necessarily interchangeable for sides, however, it's not that big of a difference in feeling when you wear it either way.

The color is amazing. Beautiful rose gold color that is a shade higher in the pink than gold. It's honestly the most perfect rose gold color I've ever seen. The headphones themselves fold into themselves so they store very well and often sit wrapped around the edge of a table I have to ensure they don't get tossed around or broken.

They're very durable. I've owned these for many months and have tossed them aside, took them everywhere with me, etc. They haven't worn, torn, or caused any damage.

My ONLY gripe with the headphones itself is that the plug sticks straight out and I would prefer the plug itself to be the "L" type shape so I don't bump into it or accidentally hit it with it sticking straight out. I feel like it would have more protection for not only my laptop, phone, devices and the headphones themselves with an "L" shape plug instead of one that sticks right out.
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