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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2016
EDIT: Well it has been nearly a year since I've been using this fightstick and it's still going strong, I continue to stand by my initial review.

**Here's a PS4 quick tip for anyone who doesn't know yet**
**Your PS4 controller only needs to be plugged in to the fightstick the first time you set it up. Other then that you can just plug the fightstick in and wirelessly use your PS4 controller to select the "Legacy Controller Authenticaion" within Options>Other Settings>Shortcut Settings. Just be sure to switch to "PS3/DINPUT" instead of "XINPUT" on your fightstick.**
--PS-- I can't verify if this works for XB1 since I don't have one.

The value from the low affordable price tag and ease of mod-ability is where the F300 shines! Like others have stated the stock joystick and buttons that the F300 comes with are fine and responsive, but as for how durable they are that I don't know since I modded mine almost immediately.

The modding process is very straight forward and surprisingly super easy for first timers. For any first time modders looking into it, Google and YouTube are your best friends, it's what I used as a first time fight stick modder and found that the process is pretty much the same for all fight sticks so don't be afraid to go in and switch out for the parts you want. A solid place to shop online for parts is FocusAttack, it's where I got all my parts during a sweet sales event.

Here's a list of parts that I switched out the stock ones for:
Sanwa Joystick (comes w/ octagonal gate) & Buttons (30mm)
4lbs Tension Spring
Oversized Actuator (1mm)
Circular Gate
5-PIn Female Harness For Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB

My only gripes with the F300 is that I have larger than normal hands and my joystick hand at times rest over the side of the top and slips at times during certain engagements. This is a personal issue that I'm adjusting to fairly easily so it's not a big deal. Also the 1st input switch at the very top left hand corner that's designated for which platform you're using has an issue with PS4. According to the provided instruction manual, the "controller icon" is the recommended option when using a 360, XBOX1 or PS4. However, this option does not work on my PS4. What does work is using the "PS3/DINPUT" option and setting up the F300 as a legacy controller in the SFV "other settings". These minor issue are too minute to take away a star from this solidly designed value fight stick.

My overall impression of the F300 is limited to a month of hands on experience backed by thousands of hours using quality parts in cabinets.
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