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Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2002
Soul Reaver is fantastic, but only if you're the right type of gamer. If you enjoy the dramatic; this one's for you. If goofy is your thing; dont bother.
SR boasts great graphics and equally great story, excellently interlaced cut scenes and voice overs, satisfying achievment levels, and absolutely wicked atmosphere. In fact, you might say it simply OOOZES atmosphere. Dark, ominous...vengful, atmosphere.
The only con of SR is its almost total adbandonment of classic big boss @$$ kicking. As most major opponents are invulnerable, the player must dicover his foes weakness. That, and several puzzle type situations that must be solved in order to progress may drive the player temporarily insane: But the game's drama content more than makes up for it.
A word about the ending: It's a little dissapointing. -the rising drama towards the climax of the game is exceptional, but the whole thing ends in a 'to be continued' fashion. Rather disheartening after so much fantastic gameplay.
Even so, this one is awesome. -Now Raziel, crawl up from the underworld, consume the souls of your brothers who cursed you, and the former master who cast you into the pit so long ago.....
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