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Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2019
See any other reviews by me on Amazon? Nope. This is my first one, as I feel really strongly about my favorite CIA (OGA?) operative and this novel. I've read every Mitch Rapp novel at least 15 times (I lost count). Kyle has had a couple of high points but this is not one of them. I can't imagine a more predictable, boring, by-the-numbers Mitch Rapp novel. Zero and I mean ZERO Mitch character arc/development. It's just generic Islamic Tango, loyal sidekicks, evil Senator, unflappable Irene Kennedy, Mitch going "off the books", yada yada yada. Zero surprises, zero character development. He actually stole the "rogue Mitch" plot point from his own book, Enemy of the State! Didn't you just "betray" your country a couple of years ago, Mitch? As the title of the review says I'd rather go back and read about Mike Nash's erectile dysfunction, which I thought was the low point of Vince's writing. Here's a clue Kyle: if it's a MITCH RAPP novel, please focus on MITCH. I learned more about the Doctors Without Borders tertiary characters (who you knew were going to die) than Mitch. Ugh.
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