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Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2017
I have had this for over four years now. Replaced batteries twice. I used this during community college and still use it at work. Although there is an app that simulates this completely (Wabbitemu), there is no replacing the real thing. Plus you can take this into exams (unless graphing calculators are not allowed.

I think its memory functions are what make it so useful. I may have a few equations that I use all the time during a semester. I just plug them in y= and keep it there all semester long. I can write my own programs (eg Celcius to Farenheit). I can save a few constants (viscosity of water, earth's radius, etc.). Those come in handy on exams. But some professors come around and wipe your calculator before exams, so don't count on it. Its memory is also useful for making very precise calculations. Instead of typing in the previous answer (or an answer five lines up), just copy it down. I have watched a few videos to learn all (or most of) the tricks, so helpful. This is a lifelong tool for engineers.

Note: It's not Mathematica or Matlab. If you want 3D graphing, that's the place to go. Also it can't simplify square roots. So Sqrt(18) is not displayed as 3*Sqrt(2).
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