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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2017
While the materials this is all made out of are good. There are a couple problems with the whole package.

When it comes to the "Zipper" part of the package, that is supposed to open up the sleeve in order to lay down any cables, it just doesn't cut it despite how good of an idea it may seem to be. Even though I looked over the little instructions several times, the sleeve kept bundling up inside of the zipper part. When using the Zipper, it didn't always put one flap of the sleeve over the other, it ended up alternating, which just created a non-uniform seam in the sleeve that isn't there when you just open the box, and the seam isn't needed to be there. I ended up having to give up halfway through the cables that I was putting inside the sleeve, and just opening up the sleeve by hand to lay down the wires. I think if the zipper part is refined, it can work just fine, but as is, it doesn't seem to work properly.

The wall/desk mounting directing parts are good if you just plan on putting a couple of small/thin USB cables inside the sleeve, but doesn't hold up if you put in any thicker/heavier cables. While the actual 3M sticky portion of the mounting parts holds on very well, trying to mount the sleeve to the bottom of my desk with pretty generic monitor and power cables inside, the caps on the mounting parts don't hold on to the base well enough. They will hold on for a couple of hours, and then disconnect, allowing for the sleeve to awkwardly hang with the tension of the wires inside beneath my desk. I will likely need to run heavy duty tape, or something else, to reinforce these parts to allow them to hold the sleeve properly to the bottom of my desk. If there was an actual way to securely lock the mounting parts, that could help immensely, rather than hoping that the top and bottom pieces fit together well enough that the friction keeps them together.
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