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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2020
Well put together and obviously he worked hard, however I have criticisms. The easiest way to explain why this book fails is the nutrtion chapter. He introduces the keto diet, then has a blurb about the carnivore diet (which he's not sure about and probably wouldn't do, but he tells you how he would do the carnviorne diet) - then finishes with a plant based diet telling people to eat mostly plants, wheat bread, fruits, vegetables. Essentially he just briefly describes 3 popular fad diets and then kind of - hey do whatever you think.

This is the probelm with the whole book - want to improve your immunity? Let's talk about it for a second, now here's 8 supplements. Want better sex? Here's some supplements. Basically every chapter ends up giving you 5-10 random recomendations about things to do - there's no workable plan. This would be a good book for a researcher or someone who likes to learn random things - there's very little actionable. The end of each chapter has a "put this into practice today" section. However, it's like - go walk a block around the neighborhood. It's not a feasible plan. It's like a mini 1 day mission or something.

In the end, I just find this very difficult to be useful or actionable to anyone. So what diet are you recommending? Everything human needs to have a different diet? I don't believe that's true. While you can make the argument that people need to avoid allergens (funny he ridicules gluten then tells the plant based eaters to eat whole grains - wait, what?). But other than avoiding allergens, can we really say that a ketogenic diet is good, as is a plant based diet is good and oh - if you want to do an all meat diet, here's how I would do it. That's just the same utter confusion that is already available in the world of nutrition.

These chapters are like blog entries more than anything - like a quick exploration of XYZ topic with some supplement recommendations. But there is no thread / logical path that creates an actual book. You could randomly assort all these chapters or just give them as a series of blog posts on Sex / Immnity / etc.

I think clearly it was worked hard on, it's high quality but it doesn't seem actionable or have any practical logical cohesive plan for people. I would buy this book on Kindle for $10-20. I would not recommend paying $50-60 on hardcover. It's just not worth that in my opinion.

EDIT: Lol, the first 1-2 weeks this book cost $55. Now it's listed for $38. Luckily I figured I was returning mine and will return for the full $55 minus return shipping! What a scam to offer a price $20 higher for the first few weeks.
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