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Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2020
Just read this in one fell swoop. I'll try and be brief...

DIsclaimers: I'm a RW fan from his TV appearances and enjoy his twitter page (although I've never created accounts on social media - for the most part it's the only thing on social media I read with regularity) and find him to be honest, extremely funny, brilliant and unapologetic. These qualities are becoming quite rare these days and I certainly gravitate toward him, even though I acknowledge the GOP/Trump predicament we now are facing is at least somewhat a byproduct of his particular set of skills...

RW's writing is quite enjoyable. Witty, entertaining and unabashedly direct. Part of me wishes he were a sci-fi author.

There's no mystery what this book is about. ETTD was filled with plenty of finger pointing and detailed trash-talking that this book isn't really saddled with; instead it is an essay in expanded form and repeatedly hammers on a few main pillars that deliver exactly what I wanted it to. RW doesn't waste pages with exhausting filler and I appreciate the focus he maintains throughout his explanations of campaign-exploit practices.

Anybody with an interest in granular-level campaign theory should absolutely read this (and ETTD) for themselves. However, my favorite concept was when RW stressed the importance of (paraphrasing) the tempo of Trump's 2020 opponent (and their staff's) consistent counter-punching. Just attacking DT's attacks with multiple attacks every single time to not only smack the bully in the nose but establish some continuity in firing back at a soft target - which his opponents in the 2016 primary weren't wont to do.

I've left this review vague but my aim is to avoid spoilers...

Overall an informative, easy read about both tactics and strategy with great intelligence and insight and a rapid cadence I truly appreciate. Highly recommended!
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