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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2020
This turned out to be a much better book than I expected after reading the summary given.

This WWII story of a lost love and the search being never-ending is beautifully composed and written. The three narratives and the characters assigned each are very well described as the story progresses. The daughter, Beth, doing research to find her father's missing love and child in 2007 is well executed as the plot reverts back to 1939-1948 Germany and San Diego. The fact that Beth's own mother is present in the back of her mind as she works to attain information about his first love and a sibling is commendable and well thought out in the plot.

As we try to understand a German citizenry who allowed such a madman to advance to just heights of power and begin a second world war reminds me of our present political situation in the U.S. with the complacent attitudes regardless how much one disagrees with the changing policies in government. We are as fragile and complacent in modern times as we become numb to the hypocrisy.

I very definitely recommend to readers of historical fiction. It will bring years to your eyes. Much food for thought.
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