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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2020
I expected this device to be a positive improvement for my 3d printing, but I hadn't anticipated the kind of difference it would make.

Like most people I saw this device, thought "Eh, kind of interesting, but it just does things I already have a set up for." Eventually though I was convinced to take a chance on it (being stuck at home for the coronavirus social distancing/quarantining certainly helped since I was doing more printing as a result). I was quite surprised.

First, it was a big space saver. My old set up was a tupperware of IPA for initial wash, an ultrasonic cleaner for a second rinsing, and then a 5 gallon bucket lined with UV leds with a solar powered rotating display stand. This device replaced all of that and it left me with a lot of space. That extra space has also helped me keep the work area cleaner.

Second, it's really convenient. The alternate means of immersing the prints, the wide platform for curing, and plenty of other little things show that this is a device that some thought went into. It's well designed and it does its jobs well. It's hard to point to a single thing, but it definitely makes what is often the most tedious parts of resin printing faster and more enjoyable.

The only thing I would put as a warning - the manual doesn't say this (at least not anywhere I saw), but none of the functions work without the protective cover on. This makes sense for the cure mode, but was very confusing when I was attempting to clean some prints the first time. I nearly thought the machine was broken until I tried putting the cover on to see if that made a difference (after at least 15 minutes of trying it in every other possible configuration and with multiple different outlets).

If you can spare the funds and are thinking about this device, I strongly recommend making the purchase.
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