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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2018
Thanks to Amanda who shared how to format this for a current Mac. Here is a slightly updated version of her instructions:
Open Disk Utilities.
From the View menu, choose "Show All Devices."
Select WD Elements on the left side of the window.
Right click and choose "Erase" from the pop-up menu.
Create a name and choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" assuming you have a current vision of OS-X.
It will reformat the drive in about a minute.
I followed these directions, and it was effortless. I am using this as a Time Machine backup disk. I keep it plugged into the USB hub that I connect my computer to when it is on my desk. From reviews, I see that some people have had disk failures, but I also do a cloud-based backup. But that only backs up my most recent version of each file. Time Machine gives me hourly backups for the last 24 hours, so I can recover something I've inadvertently overwritten.

I was using an old Synology 212+ for Time Machine, but after moving, it asked me to reinstall, crashed in the process of doing that, and lost all my data. RAID is useless in that situation. I've thought about buying a newer, faster NAS, but that's expensive, and decided to go this route at least for the time being. Unlike the Synology, which was accessible by WiFi, this won't do backups when I take my laptop away from my desk, but I do my most critical work at my desk in any event.

I bought this rather than the $5 cheaper, newer version because I prefer the rounded corners to sharp edges. The rough surface doesn't seem to show fingerprints, a problem reported by users of the shiny newer version. Amazing that 4TB can fit into such a tiny form factor and be such a reasonable price. I am delighted.
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