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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2018
For those looking for quick review about book durability — book is more durable than any soft notebook I’ve had. No pages have torn or ripped from binding nor has cover. Binding is plastic and pages (no clue about paper weight sorry) thicker than regular spiral notebook paper. Minimal wear to cover as I toss, pack and unpack from cluttered bag regularly. Very happy with book durability.

Simple review of tech behind book—The app along with the book is very simple and easy to follow and setup. It allows you to hand write notes and upload to multiple places with just a bubble mark on page. You set up app and assign a different storage/email to the different icons and when scanning and uploading you mark by hand on the bottom of page which place particular page will go and complete scan/send. It helps people stay organized.

Use as attended— again very happy. I’ve had about three months and only microwave erased once so speaking about short term use only. From my first time erasing I followed instructions from website given and seems to have erased fairly well but can see some “ghosting” however I can see things I can do differently to remedy this. More to do with how hard I use pens and writing - NOT book itself. I see that areas of scribbles and hard pressed writing is where I see ghosting so it’s a matter of writing lighter...pretty simple. Also microwaveing is easy just follow instructions. I had small amount left over on the first side I nuked but the middle and second side after flipping was gone so I might either hit one more time on first side or I simply didn’t leave in long enough before flipping. Again simple fixes.

I gave this five star rating because despite minor ghosting from frixxion pens the book itself allows the already great idea of heat erasing pens (also manual rubber erasable too) the ability to erase large amounts and to store this info digitally. Less clutter with just one notebook and better organizing while still being able to hand take notes. For me this is so helpful.

Write without pressing hard enough to dent paper and shouldn’t have a hard time with leftover ink.
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