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Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2020
Listeners to the Dan Bongino Show podcast ( for details) may sometimes struggle to keep up with all of the interconnections and schemes perpetrated by the denizens of the DC swamp and their foreign fellow travelers.
In this book, he ties them all together, weaving the drips and drabs of information that have become known gradually over more than four years into a readily comprehensible whole. it is very readable, told in a narrative style, but interspersed with footnotes so you can delve into the original source material if you so choose. It is well researched and well documented.
If you read the Kindle version, you can click on a footnote and quite often find a live link to the web version of the article or report cited. Dan also ties this saga in seamlessly to his previous two related books, "Spygate" and "Exonerated," both of which I highly recommend.
There is an Audible narration available, read by Bongino (the entire book, not just the introduction). If you have both Kindle and Audible versions, you can try "immersion reading" where the narration and text keep pace with each other. Amazon's whispersync also allows you to switch between devices and never lose your place.
Why read this book?
The "Anti-Trump Cabal" and its activities, stunning as they are, are still only symptomatic of a deeper and more serious problem. This didn't all spring up the day that President Trump was elected, nor will it dissappear when he leaves the Whitehouse, whether on Innauguration Day in 2021 or 2025. The capacity for these abuses of power was honed over decades. It will not just go away.
This is a cautionary tale for the ages about too much power being wielded by unelected and unaccountable officials who scoff at even Congressional oversight. Rules (such as the Woods Procedures for obtaining FISA warrants) meant to protect us all, while still letting agencies have tools to pursue terrorists and organized crime were ignored or circumvented. Foreign governments and individuals were utilized to gather information, largely to serve political ends.
We need to be able to trust these agencies and that the rule of law applies equally in this country. Their actions have shaken that confidence. Exposing them is uncomfortable, but necessary.
Bongino has employed the investigative skills he used as a Secret Service agent, handling multinational fraud and money laundering cases to do the one thing that can unravel the most complex schemes. He "Followed the Money." As more details drip-drip-drip out, keep this book handy to refer back to. It is a great read and a great reference book.
Dan Bongino has done this country a great service in gathering and presenting this material. It is a labor of love, love for this country, love for his audience and love for his family, for whom he wants to preserve the freedoms we hold so dear. Share it with the people you care about.
- Judy the Archivist
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