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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2016
Kotor II: TSL gets a bad wrap because it isn't as "good" as it's predecessor. This logic is faulty. TSL is a worthy follow up to Bioware's near masterpiece. It only suffers from an incomplete story due to rushes during it's development. The Restoration Content (now available in the Steam Workshop for free if you buy the game there) enhances a fine game that is more than playable, and totally worth your time if you love KOTOR and Star Wars in general. While "Revan's" story is arguable more "compelling" and more traditional Star Wars, TSL manages to tell its on unique story about a Jedi exile, and the storytelling is some of the most daring and philosophical of any Star Wars EU material to date (even in the new canon so far). This is a game that, sure, isn't perfect, but it deserves a play through because of the expanded lore developer Obsidian managed to add to the Old Republic era (which Bioware established) as well how it all fits within the Star Wars lore (now legends) as a whole. The themes of what it means to be a Jedi and Sith are deconstructed; the strong dichotomy existing between Jedi and Sith is often muddled and questioned (by Kreia). Your characters's story is arguably more personal and less about "saving the galaxy", even though you do that in the game towards the end. Ultimately the game plays around the Star Wars tropes you know well by now, the game is a testament to the developers willingness to to try new things with the story. While redemption is huge theme in Star Wars, this one tale in particular feels a bit more imitate. The Exile's interactions with others (your party members) have influence on their character alignments. IEven through it is pretty much using the same game engine that the first KOTOR had, new additions to the gameplay are welcome, as the new abilities, and a more fleshed out level up system; the prestige classes are a pretty cool intensive to keep you playing. It also make sense within the context of the story, in which a Jedi Exile is learning to rekindle his/her connection with the Force and later become a Master of either light or dark (depending on your alignment). Its graphics are dated now, and it would be nice for an update on those, but TSL still manages to intrigue, entertain, and even be even amusing at times (thanks to Atton, who is my favorite character in the game that is in your party :D). In short, it's a game worthy of the Star Wars title, with it's flaws and all.
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