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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2019
Throughout this review, keep in mind that I'm comparing this headset to my brother's $100+ headset. People usually start with the pros, so here are the cons first:
1.) Your ears get warm playing for any length of time which I'm getting used to. In comparison to my bro's headset, the earcups around the ear don't even touch your ear, giving ventilation to the ear to keep it cool.
2.) It's wired, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but the wire is just over 6 feet in length and can get caught on things when you're moving it. Maybe the long wire would be good for the XboxOne (IDK), but for the Playstation 4 all you need to do is plug it directly into the controller, and it automatically connects to the system, so you'd only maybe need half the length that they give you. My bro's headset is wireless.

That's it for the cons, as for the pros:
1.) Comfortable. It's heavily padded around the ears and the top of the headset where it rests on your head. I've worn this for 5 or 6 hours straight, and it still felt extremely comfortable. My bro's headset is similarly comfortable, maybe slightly better, but not by much.
2.) The sound is great. My brother's headset claims 3D sound with amazing clarity, but in comparison, I've found that there isn't a great difference (if any!) with this headset and his own.
3.) The microphone works crisp, even though I only sometimes hear echos of myself through other people's TV's, I've told they're clear by other players.
4.) I've only owned this headset for two weeks, but feels well made, and you can definitely tell they built it smart, even though there's a lot of hard plastic covering the expensive materials, it's sturdy. However, if I were to compare it with my bro's headset, there would be a measurable difference between the two in weight and materials used (on the outside). Like I said, the inside seems like the best part (which is the part that matters, I believe).

So, if you're looking for a $28 dollar headset, then get this one. If you're wanting to spend $100+ dollars on a headset, you can find some marginally better in almost every way. Just depends if you want to spend another $80 dollars, or if you want to get a good quality product from a seemingly smart respectable company.
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