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Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2020
I was wanting to purchase a large screen portable DVD player since I was tired of straining to see the details on my other portable DVD player (12” screen). I was surprised to find that a portable DVD players came in a 15.6” screen. After some searching, I narrowed my choice down to two players: this one and another popular DVD player sold an Amazon. I purchased both units, but decided to keep this one due to its advantages:

+ Larger battery (5000mAh compared to 4000mAh in the other unit)
+ Slightly larger viewing screen (15.6” vs. 15.4”)
+ Smaller dimensions (17.5” vs. 17.9”)
+ More logical key layout
+ Case less prone to fingerprints (this unit is more textured whereas the other unit had a polished case)

Both players were priced about the same so cost was not a consideration. Both had the same resolution of 1280 X 800 HD. But what was interesting that each player had a different feature that was appealing. This unit had a Game USB port. After some searching, I was able to find on Amazon a game controller with included games. The games are old NES games, but there are quite a few. It did make this one more versatile than just watching DVD’s. The other player had a function to supposedly copy DVD’s. I never could get it to work, so back it went.

One great feature about this player is that it turns off its internal speakers when you plug it into a television. My smaller DVD player would play through the internal speakers AND the television speakers at the same time. Very annoying.

Another nice feature is that it is big. Really BIG! It is a huge improvement over my smaller DVD player.

I have had this DVD player now for about two weeks and have used it almost every night to watch videos. It seems the battery life is reasonable, but have not measured to see if I am getting the advertised 6 hours. The low battery warning will flash indicating the internal battery is low, but I was still able to watch a full video before the battery actually died completely.

Definitely worth the purchase.
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