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Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2016
I'm a first-time mom so I bought three different brands of this type of silicone pocket bibs when my daughter really started feeding herself - -and making resulting messes! After 6+ months of daily use, this brand is my favorite.
For the sake of comparison I'll name the two other brands I purchased and tried out: OXO Tot and Tommy Tippee.
Right out of the box I noticed that this brand bib felt the nicest to the touch - the silicone is supple and smooth, has a nice weight to it, has "give" when you're fastening it. The Tommee Tippee one feels quite stiff by comparison, has zero stretch or give, and is a lighter weight so it doesn't hang as solidly or have as deep or wide a pocket. The Tommee Tippee ones also don't fasten as easily. That being said, the Tommee Tippee ones were very inexpensive (sold as a pair - I bought them here as an "add on" item) and do roll up nicely and compactly, making them a decent choice for travel or keeping as a "spare" in one's diaper bag or vehicle, as I now do.
These Happy Healthy Parent bibs cleans up VERY easily. I simply hand wash them with dish soap and hot water and hang dry by fastening ithem around the door handle bar of my dishwasher or oven. They dry quickly and honestly look exactly like the very day I bought them. Not so with the OXO Tot bibs. They are my least favorite! I initially liked the OXO bibs as the tops are a comfortable looking water-resistant fabric at the top w/ a Velcro fastener, and a silicone pocket bottom part. But they have not held up to repeated washings well at all! Despite also always washing these by hand, the OXO bibs look and feel worn out. The Velcro doesn't adhere as well anymore and the entire "fabric" part feels stiff and crispy, to the point where it audibly crackles. Worse yet - these were a real drag to wash and dry. I had to scrub the fabric part to get certain foods out and repeatedly rinse and wring to then get the soapy water out. The fabric layers would develop air bubbles as I tried to do this. The fabric took a much longer time to dry so I was glad I had other brand bibs to use as I waited for these to dry. Also, as the fabric part of the OXO bibs dried (hanging up) water would drop down and accumulate in the silicone pocket part, so much so that I'd have to periodically go pour it out as the bibs dried. Might not sound like a big deal but it gets annoying when you have to do these things over and over again, multiple times a day, day in and day out. And why bother when you can buy these and simply wash and hang dry? These are so sturdy and the silicone such a quality grade I could wipe these clean quite often w/ a swipe of a damp sponge or baby wipe! I'm actually shocked that these bibs don't have a single stain and still look brand new - they've had every conceivable food spilled or smeared on them at this point including typically high staining foods like marinara sauce, beets, blueberries, etc. After a little over six months of daily use these look and feel like new while the OXO ones are stained, stiff, misshapen, and headed for the garbage as the Velcro no longer adheres well.
These Happy Healthy Parent bibs have been 100% perfect for our needs with not one drawback. I've read some reviewers say that their children were able to pull these off easily. My daughter went through a brief bib-pulling-off stage but she wasn't able to rip these off - but this stage was very brief for her and I don't know how much effort she put into the endeavor (she was probably too busy throwing her food across the room!) At one point my daughter's hair grew to the exact length where it was getting caught in the fastener of these bibs quite easily - but that was also a brief stage and happened with the Tommee Tippee bibs as well. Aside from a week or so when my toddler's hair was at that precise length, these are easy for both me and my husband to fasten, even one handed while holding our daughter's high chair tray and trying to steady her wiggling body with our other hand! My husband reports that these are also his favorite of our bibs. He initially liked the ease of the OXO's Velcro fastener but ended up hating them for the reasons I gave above. He adds that he was initially a bit put off by the silicone "button" type fastener on these bibs, thinking they would be difficult to get closed with his bigger man hands and fingers, but he got the hang of closing these easily and quickly. Incidentally, he does have big hands and gets frustrated w/ certain snaps on our daughter's PJ's - but has no problem whatsoever with the fasteners on these bibs.
All in all, we can't think of a single thing we don't like about these bibs. They're sturdy, comfortable, safe (food grade silicone & BPA free), incredibly stain resistant, perfectly sized for babies and toddlers, colorful, cute, and they wash and dry like a dream. Bib perfection!
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