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Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2018
Is that what you really want? If so, great. No need to read on. I don’t write a lot of reviews but I did a lot of research for this purphase and have some thoughts I think would be helpful for others. So.... I’m not sure I will keep it.

The product itself seems fine - it does what it said it would and initial quality impression is good. Of course I might not know how durable it is. The typing seems pretty good; I’m typing this review with it now and it works. Keys are smaller than I’d like with spaces for bigger keys but I think it’s fine. The 10 colors are superfluous for me but they work as advertised.

More to the point, this case turns your iPad into a laptop with a touch screen. If that’s what you want, it should be good; but it’s not what I wanted. I think the issue I have is this keyboard forces you to choose between usage modes and switch from tablet, viewing, and laptop mode isn’t as easy as i’d like (or am used to).

In tablet mode the combination feels a bit bulky. In fact, the 360 degree hinge means the case doesn’t close all the way on the hinge side, you can clearly see the gap when closed. Also, the bottom of the keyboard (which would be the top cover of your iPad when closed) looks and feels like, well, the bottom of a keyboard. The logo sticker has those recycling icons, the rubber feet... all to ensure you won’t want to look at your closed iPad with the front cover on top. Functionally no big deal, I know, but we’re talking Apple...

In laptop mode, the iPad can only fold up to say 110 degrees before the weight would lift the keyboard without you holding it down. So if you are at the desk and want to view at a 45 degree angle, you have to rotate to ... I guess you can call it stand mode.... but that means if you want to type something, you have to rotate back... or you put up w/ a steep view angle. How about just using the soft keyboard for quick sentences in tablet or viewing mode? The iPad doesn’t know if you have it in keyboard mode or not; so as long as it’s on and connected, the soft keyboard does not come up. There is a key button on the keyboard to show the soft keyboard, but if you have it folded, then it’s not easily accessible.

So it seems I need to choose if I want to be in typing mode for a long time or not. If I could make that decision ahead of time, why not just have a separate Bluetooth keyboard and get my slim iPad back? I like to be in tablet or viewing mode but have super easy access to the keyboard when I want to type a sentence or more - and this just isn’t as convenient as it could be.

How do I know? I have two iPad Air 2s and folio style keyboard cases for both. I loved it so much that when purchasing the second one, I chose the air 2 over newer models specifically to use the same case. I would have bought the 2018 version of that product if not for the bad reviews about durability on Amazon. With that combination, and I now think all folio-type setups, I was able to keep the iPad in tablet or viewing mode in bed or at the desk and in a snap, connect the keyboard and start typing. The key was the ease of switching. The folio has a magnetic sensor, I assume, so that it knows what mode I’m in without me having to turn on/off the keyboard.

Having typed this much on the new case, I can safely say the typing is fine. I’m undecided about keeping this and giving it more of a shot or return and exchange for the folio version or take my chances with another folio... With this case, I’m seriously tempted to only use it when I need to type for a long time, and take the iPad out for everyday viewing use.

Last thought: since this case makes me choose between typing or not anyway - I might as well get the one that’s not 360 degrees. It seems to not have the hinge gap issue and might be lighter, too. (Probably will still have the topple issue, though.)

Like I said, the product seems good as advertised. It’s just not what I want in an iPad case. And if you’re a bit OCD about electronics like me, you might appreciate the usage scenarios I’ve outlined. Hope this helps.
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