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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019
I originally bought a Bose 5 Solo sound bar because Bose is the best right?? Think again! I got a 55in TCL Tv and originally passed over this product because I thought tv brand can’t be as good as Bose.. boy was I wrong!

Long review of why this is better than Bose 5.0 for those who care to compare. For those just wanting my response to this product skip to last paragraph.

I tried to like the Bose the setup with the universal remote was a nightmare. They wanted you to pair it with your tv (the code they provided didn’t work) they wanted you to pair it with your cable and game console. (Mind you, I used the optical cable provided) All around headache! When I finally got it to pair with my tv the sound quality was clear but the volume didn’t even exceed my tv volume! I tried to pair my other devices and the universal remote wouldn’t work, nope not worth it. Went online and returned it, searched for a better option and found the TCL Alto 7+

The Alto 7+ I also hooked directly to my tv with the optical cable. Set the Bluetooth subwoofer up across the room (it still needs plugged in to an outlet) simple push of a button and paired! I tried the Bluetooth first with my cellphone. Good and clear! I swapped it with the touch of the button on the remote provided with the sound bar to my tv (my TCL tv remote has no issues raising and lowering the volume as well as my Directv remote!!!! so thank you TCL for making this easy with no extra steps!!) sound quality is amazing. I barely hit max sound, as much as I could raise it for my own taste and it doesn’t crackle! Super happy with this purchase!
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