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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2001
I am a big fan of RK so take this with a grain of salt if you hate the guys guts.
First off, I've been studying money books for almost two years. Most of them were for the middle class which told you to play it safe and diversify. Answers were little and fear was great. Basically, if you had a lot of time, you could at least retire adequately from those books.
So then I found RK last May and what a change! This was exactly what I was looking for: not people who couldn't walk the talk but people who had done it and done it well. Understand that RK and his wife lost most of their money and had to live with a friend (it's in their second or third book) but there's no shame in this per se as some people feel. This guy is basically telling you about his mistakes, at the risk of being attacked, and letting you avoid them.
I've played CASHFLOW 101 about 30 times and moved on to 202 and have played it about a dozen times now. THe group I am with is positive and training their minds to see the invisible. One guy has already started to do r/e deals in Calif and while he is still looking around in a tough market like the Bay Area, he's moving along.
RK's books are really about opening your mind to the possibilities as cliche' as it sounds. Once you decide to specialize in a particular investment vehicle (i.e. real estate, MLMS, stocks, etc), you will need to get the information from other sources.
In RDGTI, RK covers how he got started in investing. Now, some of this information will be out of your league unless you want to become a big time rich person but the most important thing is learning how he thinks. When you know he thinks, that will help you even more so in your future investments.
The important things RK's books do is give you smidgens of various fin. vehicles and, more importantly, teaches you to believe that the possibilities are out there.
Let me stress that again: the possibilities ARE out there. The problem is: most Americans have trained their mind to believe there are very few and they cannot get them so they repeat this vicious circle. That's the biggest problem I've noticed since training my mind and learning.
You've got to believe and you have to start seeing the possibilities: or, seeing the invisible as RK calls it. Once you start doing that, you're on your way.
After this book, check out his audio casette series RICH DAD'S GUIDE TO FINANCIAL LITERACY (advanced) or YOUR FIRST STEPS. You can also check him out at RICHDAD.COM . . .or, you can get these items for less at ebay or your public library or
The important thing isn't so much as where you get it but that you use it, learn it and apply it.
REVISION NOTE AS OF 09/05/03: I am at a loss for words as to why the RK books are getting slammed on Amazon. These are the books I started with two years ago, which inspired me to be more and never work a day job again. Since then, I won't say I haven't lost money but I've made more money and things are only looking up. Additionally, I've gotten involved with a group of other investors, who were all inspired by those books. In fact, if it wasn't for the RK books, I and my other colleagues wouldn't be on our ways to financial freedom.
So, when people slam RK and tell me it doesn't work, I just shake my head and realize that these are people who are living in their delussions. Everyday I'm surrounded by people who have accepted their financial cages and think things are too good to be true. Until they change their perceptions of abundance and money, they will forever be constricted.
I used to think like that and had a dead end day job. Now, I'm making more than ever and, in less than five years, I plan to be financially free.
Good luck to those who keep an open mind.
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