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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019
I'm using the 24x21 cover in black on top of the heavy glass cover that "hides" the propane burners of my RV stove. The short story is that I no longer use the RV stovetop, and instead use a nice-quality electric burner with my good-quality pots and pans, and sometimes a toaster oven and a crock pot. This Larsic cover has allowed me to utilize the stovetop space to my advantage, especially when combined with the 15" of counterspace next to it. Its size is perfect; it's so thick I don't worry about dropping anything and having it mar the glass underneath, and heavy enough to stay in place when using the area (as well as when traveling down the road). On top of the Larsic cover I set a glass cutting board, and on top of the cutting board place whatever cooking appliance (single burner, toaster oven, crock pot... ) and cook away! I do think the price paid was a bit high, but because it suits my needs, because it's easy to wipe off as needed, and because it has given me my cooking space back, it's worth it. Just please remember, if you are using this over burners that you, unlike me, actually use, whether gas, electric, induction, flat or raised, you must allow the burners to cool down before placing the Larsic over them.
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