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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2018
I felt like maybe this Anthony Williams guy was a scam artist. I was skeptical. I decided to read his first book because a friend recommended it, and I was desperate to feel better. I had a chronic illness that was rapidly deteriorating my life - I couldn’t keep up with my daughter, I never wanted to see friends, my husband felt hopeless to help me - it was a nightmare. I remember one of the worst nights I started crying and telling my husband ‘they’ll find out what’s wrong with me in my autopsy.’ So what did I have to lose in reading his book?

It saved my life. His advice and knowledge have helped me heal. I believe he is the real deal. No question. He did for me what years of doctors visits and bloodwork and nutritionist sessions couldn’t do. I got better. So of course I’m reading this book. And so far it has not disappointed me; it has helped me understand how I got sick in the first place, and how to get back to optimal health. I have also cured my daughter’s recurring digestive issues by following his advice.

Anthony Williams and his books and podcasts have saved me from a life of suffering. I’m so sad more people in my life won’t give him a chance to help them heal. I know so many people who are just barely getting by, and I wish with my heart and soul they would just TRY his advice and see if it helps them the way it’s helped me and my family.

I’m thankful AW has taken the time to write another book. I’m thankful that he continues to push this knowledge out into the world despite his critics. I’m thankful he is honest and gives us the truth to heal.

I would recommend this book to anyone - and I often do!
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