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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2019
After our beloved juicer broke, I bought this one. This is absolutely not what I expected. Here are the issues in no particular order:
1. Can’t handle big carrots (or any large chunks of fruit/vegetables for that matter) This cheap thing starts shaking and heading off the counter like it’s at the end of a Shakespeare novel. You kinda want to let it, but you know, you paid money...
2. Holy mother of FOAM! Our old juicer didn’t produce foam so I didn’t worry about it. Foam is a thing. With this it’s a nightmare.
3. The discard trays are horrible to clean. The juicer gets hot. Hot plus plastic gets a mess. It’s impossible to clean. I gave up. It’s scratched to high heaven.
4. Tried using it to juice berries. Turns out, it cannot handle that either. Berries, people. BERRIES! The seeds jammed up the rim and it smelled like burning plastic.
If I could return this thing I so totally would. It’s a monstrosity. I can’t even give it to goodwill. I would feel guilty about someone spending the only money they had to buy this.
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