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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019
I had bought these peanuts several times previously on Amazon and had no complaints, however the latest order was nasty, noxious and foul. First the nuts were extremely over-salted to point they created a burning sensation and chemical taste in my mouth, worse yet, they had a very rotten taste and after chewing for a few chews, released a rotten noxious odor. Also the texture was like dry rotted wood or maybe an old piece of particle board (not that I eat a LOT of particle board). After eating a partial quantity of one bag I stooped and spit out the stuff, and my mouth tasted terrible for two days. I then looked at the other bags in the pack and they all had a strange 'mealy' and discolored appearance. I contacted Planters Customer Service department to report the issue and got a condescending email telling me it was probably due to handling and storage-- huh - I see how poor storage could cause the nuts to go rancid, but how can storage create extremely/excessively over-salted nuts? Or the really weird texture? Also the peanuts were well inside the 'use by date" so far from being 'expired. To Amazon's credit they offered me a refund or to immediately send me a replacement, next day, no charge. So I tossed the first batch in the garbage, and I got the new batch next day, so far it seems fine. I think in the future I will not be buying any more Planters products, not sure I want to play peanut roulette. However I was pleased with Amazon's quick response and remedy.
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