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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2018
I've bought several other small digital voice recorders, and had problems with all of them. This one WORKS! It has lots of good features that make it easy to use. I'm starting to read the user's manual that came with it now, but I've been using it with no problems since I took it out of the box, it is that simple to use. I've transferred files to my computer, deleted files, etc. and have not come across a menu in Chinese yet! One of the other recorders that I bought (and subsequently returned) got stuck on a menu in Chinese and I couldn't get it back to English.

The buttons are laid out well and are easy to operate. There is a battery indicator on the screen at all times so that you can see when it's getting close to needing new batteries--no surprises. I record voice with it, and the speaker on the recorder is good, although plugging in headphones makes the voice even clearer.

Another thing that I like about it is that when you go to delete a file, it starts playing the file so that you are sure which file it is. Nice. It also would accept an external mic, and has a "hold" feature which locks out all buttons so that if you have it in your pocket, it will not be affected by inadvertent bumps.

If this one quits working I'll buy another one of these. Finally, I have one that works!
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