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Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2018
I liked the movie "Submerged" a lot - in fact I rented this movie twice when it was in the "Before Release Date" rental category at a high cost mind you. I just couldn't wait to see it again even though I knew I should be patient and wait till I could purchase it, I just couldn't wait hence renting it twice. That is how much I liked this movie and I have since purchased it in both digital format and bluray format.

"Submerged" is the story of a bodyguard who is tasked with keeping a Businessman daughter, Jessie, safe on her Birthday outing with high school friends entourage (including a boyfriend). On a personal level, through a series of flashbacks, we see that the bodyguard is clearly suffering from post traumatic disorder from both his stint in the Marines and his younger brother's apparent suicide or was it. The plot thickens. Unbeknownst to Jessie, her father has been receiving some disturbing death threats targeting her, so the armed bodyguard/chauffeur is now in play - no negotiations - full stop. Jessie erroneously believes that the bodyguard is only along to cramp her style and report back to her father any untowardsly shenanigans but little does she know there is a very real and viable threat. Needless to say when the entourage is attacked, the danger becomes tangible, and the bodyguard becomes necessary for Jessie's very survival.

This movie was unique in that it showed through a series of flashbacks the bodyguards role in his charges life up to this point - they are not merely bodyguard and client but friends and maybe something more. The "something more" is subtly hinted at but the die hard romantic in me picked up on the subtle nuances when, for instance, the bodyguard seems possessively jealous and passively aggressive with her immature tool of a boyfriend. Another instance, when Jessie is drugged in the front seat of the limousine, the bodyguard tenderly caressed her face like a lover would do. Finally, the bodyguard and charge ride off into the sunset as the movie ending credits role- separate rooms I think not. Again, not a crux of the movie I said only obliquely hinted at this and never fully expanded upon...Still. Bodyguard and charge in unrequited love and later, mutually found love - why not.

I really liked this movie and recommend for anyone who likes action movies, but keep in mind that there are some unbelievable injuries suffered in this movie that just don't seem up to par to being able to shake them off and walk away seemingly unscathed and unhindered - for instance the bodyguards leg impaled did not seem like something he should have easily shook off like he did. I know his adrenaline was off the chart highly elevated and movies are suppose to suspend belief and do the unthinkable - so there you go, the seemingly impossible suddenly becomes entirely possible even plausible for lack of a better word. Highly recommend this movie.
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