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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2020
A lot of the episodes are sadly forgettable. :( The most recent episode really didn’t impress me. The humor was meh, Patrick is dumber than a sack of bricks to the point he’s a destructive character, Spongebob as a character is becoming kind of borderline stalkerish- I actually prefer Squidward most days now because he still cracks some smart jokes—— speaking of which- the footsie joke was kind of half tasteless half chuckle worthy. Like haha I see you tried to slip adult humor in but also- wtf. Not digging this awkward and constant sexual tension Spongebob’s been oozing the last couple of seasons. Last I read he was intended to be aesexual- which makes sense seeing as he’s a sponge! Huh, that’s probably the best way to describe this show now- lukewarm in everywhere. Good enough to watch but not very satisfying. I don’t understand why Nick still thinks fart jokes and idiot characters equate to smart writing. But I’m sticking around in hopes that it won’t become a complete disaster. (Kind or scared to see what that looks like)

Two stars because the animation is still relatively great. Oddly and sometimes excessively bouncy- in an attempt to be funny not in an attempt to express character. The style looks trashy- as in cheap. As in trying to exaggerate character movements because the jokes don’t land. Like a laugh track that goes off when there’s no joke being said.

Don’t get me wrong I love Spongebob. I own every season and watch it regularly. But it’s just meh now. I find myself drawn to the first six seasons. 7-9 aren’t terrible. But 11 and 12- mmmmmmmmmmm!

But also- what do I know? It’s all subjective.
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