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Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2018
Appears to be a rubberized TPU case with a plastic shell. Wouldn't protect from direct frontal drops but good protection for the back.

The wide angle lens appears to work quite well. The lens snaps right into place over the phone's camera and works as advertised with no real dark corners (vignette). Some blurring and distortion toward the edges, but not bad for what it is. This lens is the one I'd use 99% of the time, so the fact it does an admirable job is a HUGE plus!

Both of the telephoto lens work as advertised, turning 2X optical zoom into a 4X optical zoom with the touch of the 2X button.

Macro works as advertised, the 1X is a solid zoom, the 2X lens is an even closer zoom. Nice and clear, although the phone's camera app won't autofocus with this lens, so it is up to you to manually keep the lens focused on the subject.

The fisheye, is well, the fisheye mode. I personally don't have any real use for this in real life, but I suppose it could be a cool effect to get a lot of the subject matter into a single, distorted photo.

The lens accurately snaps into place over the camera lens and I'm generally pleased with the photo quality.

Here are some of the reasons this is not a 5-star product.

The camera lens cover is junk. It doesn't securely attach to the assembly, and I could see myself losing it within a few days because of how easily it comes off.
The plastic pin that locks the lens into place over the iPhone camera lens will be prone to wearing out, which leads me to believe this case won't last more than six months or so.
The front of the case doesn't have a lip, so if you put your phone face down, you're in for a bad time.

With that said, I have a Moment V2 lens set, so I'm not 100% sure if I'm keeping this yet, however the wide angle lens is about 70% the quality of what I can get out of the Moment wideangle lens but only 25% of the price. If they could drop the price of this item to $20 or so, I'd buy quite a few of these to keep around as disposable items.

They do the job nicely, but I wouldn't get one to use as your phone's daily protection unless you're an avid phone photographer.

Tip #1 - Download the iOS App for Moment lens. It will enable you direct control over the two camera lens (the included camera app on the iPhone does not allow this).
Tip #2 - Glue two small strips of thin felt to the top and bottom of the case's lens assembly. It will give the lens cover some extra resistance so it won't pop out as much.

Tested on iPhone XS Max.
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