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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2019
Gene is back with another winner! Unicorn Project uses the same storytelling style of the Phoenix Project, which I find refreshing and much more engaging than your typical business/tech book. So many other books contain the principles, but fail to demonstrate them/put them into action. By doing so, Gene helps readers truly understand what their takeaways should be.

One example: "Find Your Tribe." Here, it means that in order to accomplish difficult goals in a large organization, you must network/find the people that can help you. On the surface, everyone knows that networking is important. Most books stop there. Maxine, the main character, though, _shows us HOW_ she finds a tribe of people across IT and management that help her untangle some nasty legacy tech and bureaucratic issues. That's what brings this book to another level.

I'll be recommending this and Phoenix Project to everyone I know - from software devs to management.

My only wish (second edition?) would be an appendix chapter where the author summarizes the Unicorn Project lessons from his perspective. I'm sure this book was inspired partly by his real-life experiences, so I'd be curious to read about those in the context of this book. I will say though, by not having this, it's forcing _me_ to think about deeply on the book's lessons and how I can apply them to my daily work. This was likely intentional. :)
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