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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2020
The main reason I'm writing this review is to alleviate for potential purchasers a concern that I had: That this book was one of those sales pitches for a product (Clio) disguised as a book. I'm happy to report that it was not. There weren't that many references to Clio in the book, and most of them were actually in the context of how they run their business and how that could translate to a law firm (how, for example, Clio handles customer feedback). The few (2-4 at most; I didn't keep count but there weren't many) references to the product itself were more in the nature of what you can do with practice management software, and would apply to most such programs on the market today. Our firm does not use Clio, but those references weren't troublesome at all.

As for the book itself, it's a very well-written book with a good strategy for making sure your firm is client-centered, but also making sure you don't focus so much on what client's wants that you disregard what clients actually need. I found its analysis of how to handle feedback from clients very helpful (both on a technical level and on a bigger-picture level). It was also helpful to read the analysis of why firms shouldn't focus on "grand gestures," but rather on providing competent legal representation in a way that makes the experience as frictionless as possible for the client. Overall, a very good book that I highly recommend!
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